The CHGIS XML API was launched in 2007 as a simple read-only interface that searches the contents of the China Historical GIS placename database.

The XML Webservice has been retired (in June 2015), and replaced by the generic Temporal Gazetteer.

The URIs provided by the XML webservice can be transformed:



Note: the Temporal Gazetteer also has been set up to include contents from other gazetteers, outside of the previous use case (of CHGIS). These include the Historical Gazetteer of Russia and the Monasteries of Tibet from the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center. Therefore the old version of IDs have been minted with a previx in the new Temporal Gazetteer. All of the previous IDs will now have the prefix hvd_.

Also, the complete contents of the NIMA and CITAS datasets have not been included in the Temporal Gazetteer. They will be replaced by more current placename datasets from USGS GNS and the Skinner 1990 datasets.

Please update your links to Temporal Gazetteer [TGAZ]